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The Place to Share Your Original Music!


Just so y'all know, my anonymous FTP account is for light use only. My web hosting account is not designed for heavy anonymous ftp usage for the purposes of distributing programs and/or multimedia files. So... please adhere to the following restrictions when uploading files (so I don't get busted and have to shell out more $$):

  • ONLY MP3 files will be allowable for upload (e.g., no .MPEGs, .JPGs, misc. programs, text files, etc.)
  • ONLY upload ONE complete song (or a couple 30-second snippets)
  • DO NOT attempt to upload any file larger than 5MB (about five “stereo” minutes of compressed digital audio).
  • Make sure a portion of your song's title AND your name are included in the file's title. (Click HERE to see an example of what it should look like.)
  • Post YOUR original material ONLY (e.g., no cover songs, or MP3s of ANY artist, other than yourself).

*All artists posting original material retain their respective copyrights*

~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~

Download an MP3 CONVERTER:

Once you've got your song recorded, whether it exists in CD format or other digital audio file (such as .WAV, .AIFF, Sound Designer II, etc.), the next step is to convert (i.e., “rip”) that audio file into an MP3. (NOTE: Depending on your converter, if your audio exists only on CD, you may need convert your CD's track to a .WAV or .AIFF file before you can convert it to MP3.) The literature accompanying your MP3 converter will instruct you how to successfully “convert” your audio files.

If you don't already have an MP3 converter, the links below will take you to different players/converters on the web that are available for free download. If anybody's curious, the converter I use (for Mac) is called SoundJam. I'd gladly recommend this program, but it's now a discontinued item (*sniffle*).



~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~

Download an FTP PROGRAM:

Once you've successfully converted your digital audio file (your “song”) to MP3 format, you're ready for the next step: Upload your file via an FTP program. If you don't have an FTP program (check to see if your web browser has one), here are a few links to sites that provide free downloads:



NOTE: If your web browser comes equipped with its own FTP program, disregard this section and refer to the “Your Web Browser's FTP PROGRAM” section that follows. (All others, skip the following section and resume reading where it says “Accessing INTIMATE AUDIO's FTP Site” below.)

~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~

Your Web Browser's FTP PROGRAM:

Be aware that some web browsers come equipped with their own built-in FTP program. Below are the steps you can use if you're an AOL subscriber:

1) Go to the “Internet” pull-down menu in AOL and select “FTP (File Transfer).” A new screen will pop up.

2) Click on the “Go To FTP” box on the right of the new pop-up screen. This opens up yet another window.

3) Click on “Other Site,” which opens yet another window.

4) In the “FTP Address” field (where a cursor should be blinking), enter: “,” then click “Connect.” After that, select “/incoming” to upload a song file.

5) Next, click the “Upload” button, enter the exact name of the file you wish to upload in the “Remote Filename” field (make sure the click box has “Binary” selected), then click “Continue.” This will open an “Upload File” screen. Click on “Select File,” which will enable you to scroll through your hard-drive to find that particular file. Once you've located your file, highlight it, then click “Send.”

~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~

Accessing INTIMATE AUDIO's FTP Site:

Once your FTP program is up and running (make sure you're already on-line!), you'll be asked to enter some info into its “Host Server” field. Enter in that field, à la:

Host Server:

Access my FTP site as an “Anonymous” user, enter your e-mail address as your “Password” (make sure any click box has “Binary” or “Automatic” selected), then click “Connect.”

After this, most FTP programs will show two windows: one listing the contents on my ftp site, the other your hard drive (or desktop). At this point, to upload a song, select the “/incoming” folder on my FTP site and double-click to open it.

Next, click “Upload.” You should now be given the chance to scroll through your hard drive to find your song file. (Or, if you can already see where your song resides, select it, then click “Upload.”) Once you've selected your song, it should start uploadin' for ya!

NOTE #1: Please note that it's possible during peak hours to receive a “too many anonymous users error.” My site host restricts the number of simultaneous anonymous users to keep the webserver and normal FTP performance within normal limits.

NOTE #2: If you continue to get errors during the upload process (like “XXX.mp3 permission denied on server”), try retitling your song so it has no spaces, no numbers, and no nutty characters, then try again.

~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~

AFTER You've Uploaded Your Song:

Once you've successfully uploaded your song or snippet(s), simply E-MAIL me, describing your tune (e.g., style, vibe, source of inspiration, etc.), and the size of your file. Also, include a little artist bio and the URL of your own site, if applicable. ( I WILL post a link to your site, so that people who dig your stuff can read/hear more about you. See below!) After I receive your e-mail, I'll check my “/incoming” folder, then transfer your MP3 to the part of my server that holds all the other AUDIO UPLOAD artists' tunes. At that point, it will disappear from the “/incoming” folder, so don't upload it again! :)

~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~


After I get an MP3 of an artist's song, I'll post an individual link to them on this page. (The pink columns running along both sides of this page.) Clicking on an artist's name (categorized by genre) will take you to their own page within There, you can download their songs and read more about them. All the info posted there (with the exception of “listener feedback”) will have hopefully been provided bythe artist in their initial e-mail! :) Otherwise, it'll boringly read “no info submitted.” (*sniffle*)

~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~

Once Your Page is Created:

Once you see your own page listed and linked up on this site, feel free to promote your songs till the cows come home! You can do this quite easily by hyping the heck out of it in the “PROMOTE Your AUDIO UPLOAD Addition(s)!!!” folder of the INTIMATE AUDIO MESSAGE BOARD, or by e-mailing your friends. As listeners post feedback about your material, I'll integrate those quotes into the “Listener Feedback” section of your individual page!

~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~


Every couple weeks or so, depending on how many songs reside in the “/pub” folder (and depending on how busy I am!!), I'll single out one song/artist and publish a REVIEW of their work on this site. The “review” will include a link to the artist's site, as well as a “plug” for whatever independently-produced CD their uploaded song came from (if applicable), among other forms of “kudos” that come to me!

After some time, if you don't get chosen as a review candidate, please don't take it personally! It most likely only means that, in my view, your recording falls outside the category I describe as INTIMATE AUDIO (refer to this site's HOME page).

~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~ ~***~


If you have problems with any of the above, please refer to the literature that accompanies your MP3 encoder and/or FTP program. Or, refer to these great resources: (for answers to MP3-related FAQs) and/or (for answers to loads of FTP-related FAQs). If you're still stumped, E-MAIL me, and I'll try to help.


–Dale Turner

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