Links to Great EaR TrAiNiNg ReSoUrCeS!
Program Name/Description—(MAC and PC) The Online, Free Ear Training on the Net Ear Trainer! For a musician ear training is one of the most important tasks. Good Ear helps you to develop good ears. For use in your browser's window. (CAN drill from fixed tonic.)—(MAC and PC) Ricci Adams' Select either 'Lessons,' 'Trainers,' or 'Utilities' and start theorizing/training your ears. For use in your browser's window.
Ear Power 3.0—(PC) Ear Training Institute proudly presents The ultimate in ear training software. Compact. Easy-to-use. Complete. Feel the magic of this interesting and helpful program!
Teoria—(Windows 95/98/2000, NT or XP) The teoria program will help you develop your music theory and ear-training skills through many types of exercises: Construction and identification of intervals, scales, key signatures, chords and harmonic functions; Intervals, scales and chords ear-training; Melodic dictation.
Functional Ear Trainer—(PC) A critically acclaimed ear training suite containing two programs: Functional Ear Trainer - Basic and Functional Ear Trainer - Advanced. Both programs are different from the traditional ear training programs where you typically have to guess intervals, scales, chords, and rhythms. Functional Ear Trainer presents an original and very effective way to learn to recognize notes in the context of a key. This is a proven method that, with a little bit of effort, really works. FREEWARE.
Clarion—A music utility which allows you to practice and be quizzed on your ability to recognize musical intervals. Available for Mac OS X and Mac OS 8.1-9. Allows customized quizzing of the particular scales you are interested in. For added difficulty, the interval tonic, consonance, and direction may be randomized. It's ABSOLUTELY FREE for individual and non-commercial use. (CAN drill from fixed tonic.)
EarMaster Pro 4.0/EarMaster School 4.0—(PC) Get a MUSICAL EAR that will boost your musical performance! Hear sheet music in your head. See the music you hear with your inner eye and notate it. * Sight-read and sight-sing with perfection. Improvise on your instrument - straight from your mind. Transcribe a tune when you hear it. Name tones and chords by ear. And much more... All you need is 5-10 minutes with EarMasterTM each day. Start with ear training in hearing Chords, Intervals, Scales, Rhythms or Melodies. Download EarMaster now - it is free to try!


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