Links to Great Artist-Run Independent Record Labels!


Righteous Babe Records—Offers information on Ani DiFranco, artists on the label, merchandise, and more. "So many babes, so little time..."


Ipecac Recordings—"Making people sick since 1999." Ipecac Recordings is the brainchild of Greg Werckman (former label manager for the legendary punk label, Alternative Tentacles, employee for Mercury Records for a record 15 minutes, currently operating Pick-A-Winner Management) and Mike Patton (former Faith No More frontman, currently of Mr. Bungle and Fantômas).


Web of Mimicry—Trey Spruance's label, and the place to go for news and information about Secret Chiefs 3 and Mr. Bungle. It is also the place to purchase Secret Chiefs 3 CDs, records, and t-shirts. Also contains a cool "Gallery of Essentials," for those who want to read reviews of recommended—and utterly odd—recordings.—A record label dedicated to the preservation of great guitar music.

“GUITARCHIVES was started with the sole purpose of bringing Lenny Breau's music to the public, my thank you to him. I know that players and fans will love every one of the releases planned as they are all very special moments captured somewhere in time and add to the growing legend of Lenny Breau.” —Randy Bachman


Stop, Pop, and Roll is an independent label committed to bringing you the finest in intelligent pop music. If you're looking for a theme, you might say it's dark music for bright people. Aditionally, all our artists have fronted successful bands and are now solo and making the best music of their careers. Visit us often for up-to-the-minute information about our artists, exclusive downloads and merchandise, contests, and more! is a brand new independent hip-hop & r&b label operating out of the Boston area. We have a stable of new up and coming r&b and hip-hop artists, and are gaining ground with our music in the underground scene. We have just released our first commercial cd, a compilation called Change the Game...The Compilation. It contains 20 tracks from all of our artists! This cd has been distributed for exclusive release at Newbury comics, and is available for internet purchase and mail order through our website.


MOHICAN RECORDS—A new music cooperative we hope to provide musicians with many web resources to help you get on your feet and boogie. This site will eventually be able to produce and record music for local artists in the west London area.


EXIT RECORDS—Exit Records sells CDs including World Music, Smooth Jazz Music, Latin Jazz Music, Free Jazz Music, Abstact Art (oil paintings) and Music related Books.


New Music Label—Your Ticket into the Music Biz! New Music Label is a one-stop solution for seeking, finding, and managing all types of Music careers. Today, the NML community continues to grow with more and more Singers, Musicians, Producers, Agents and Record Labels looking to us.





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