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Name Site Description (Style/Specialty)
Basu, Joy Wanna hear where shred's goin' in 2002? Then blaze over to Basu's page! There you can listen to sound clips and order CDs, or drool over photos of Joy shred-funkin' alongside Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Angie Stone, CoCo Lee, and more! One of Dale's most prized pals, Joy proves daily that players with ridiculous rock chops can be open-minded. Who woulda thought?
Begelman, Danny Web site for New York-based band, Project 7—a “guitar rock” trio fronted by veteran transcribing badass, sessioneer, and clinician, Danny Begelman.
Belkadi, Jean-Marc The fusion freakshow himself. This fireball of a six-stringer also teaches at GIT, gigs 24-7, and has several Hal Leonard instructional books to his credit.
Berings, Nard Guitarist/songwriter/producer Nard Berings' web site. Get info on Nard's latest projects, check out MP3 downloads of cool pop songs and hot guitar instrumentals (including music featured in commercials), or read about the Nardcaster guitar.
Bochar, Joe The Unofficial Official homepage for Joboj (a.k.a., Joe Bochar). Guitar music to melt your cerebellum! This dude's had his tunes on everything from MTV's “Undressed,” to the latest version of Cakewalk's Guitar Tracks Pro. And his hair rules!
Booke, Steve Check out sound clips from the New York-based guitarist's current recordings. Progressive, new age, acoustic shred guitar.
Castillo, Adam Adam Castillo is not only a great player, he's the Marketing Director at Midiman, Inc.—a CA-based company specializing in every type of audio interface imagineable. A creative composer, Adam's also had some of his tunes featured on “Dawson's Creek.”
Chlasciak, Mike Site of “Metal Mike,” the pulverizing picker for Rob Halford's band. Proves that nice guys still can make a career out of playing metal!
DeVitis, Darwin Guitarist for one of L.A.'s most happening hard-rock outfits, Cut Throat. Just when you thought hard rock was becoming soft schlock...
Diorio, Joe Joe Diorio is a living jazz legend—untouchable in the area of modern jazz guitar. On faculty at USC, Joe's music and teaching style are anchored in the belief that all musicians can be very creative by tapping into the right side of the brain. His site has free multimedia guitar lessons, and a free monthly Jazz article about creative improvisation.
Findlay, Jamie The fingerstyle jazz guitar phenom. Specializes in acoustic and electric styles. Also has several original CDs, arrangement books, and Starlicks instructional videos to his credit. This fellow Northwest native is also an instructor at Musician's Institute.
Franklin, Chuck (a.k.a. “LeftHandHack)” A frequentor of the popular/informative online guitar forum Guitar Clinic 101, as well as GuitarWar.com, Chuck's recently created his own home in cyberspace. At present, his site contains an assortment of great lessons (presented in Adobe Acrobat Reader, PowerTab, video, and MP3 format!), loads o' links, and original soundfiles—and it only promises to grow larger! Check it out, as he is the coolest of “lefties.” :)
The Great Kat “The Great Kat Guitar Goddess is a Sexy Juilliard graduate female violin virtuoso, turned Shred Classical Guitar Goddess, blood dripping Guitar Shredder, guitarist extraordinare, who is resurrecting Classical Music for the new millennium! The Great Kat Guitar Dominatrix's NEW Shred Classical CD is Wagner's War. The Queen of Speed and Guitar God, combines MIDI, Computer Technology, Shred Metal and authentic Classical Music. The Great Kat is taking Classical music from Beethoven, Paganini, Wagner, Vivaldi, Sarasate, Liszt, Rossini, and other genius composers and shredding these genius masterpieces for the 21st Century.”
Halbig, Erik Long time chicken'pickin' pal and Nashville resident, currently ruling the roost on the road with with Sony/Epic recording artist Ty Herndon. Erik also has a new instructional book out with Hal Leonard Publications called Chicken Pickin', and has four others available through Alfred Publications. But you're hurtin' fer certain if you don't check out his new CD, Balancing Act , which also features Paul Franklin, Jerry Douglas, Aubrey Haynie, Paul Leim, Michael Rhodes, and Glenn Worf, among others!
Henderson, Scott Unparalled in the “balls,” “tone,” “bending intonation,” and “rhythmic inventiveness” department, Tribal Tech founder Scott Henderson could be described as a cross between Stevie Ray Vaughan, Michael Brecker, Edward Van Halen, and Pat Martino—or Jeff Beck on acid? But why try describing him? Just let his lethal licks tear your face off!
Klett, Peter The Official online home of guitarist Peter Klett (Candlebox) and his newest project, Red Light. Oh yeah: He and your site host went to high school together.
Kolb, Tom Site for The Gurus—band of Guitar One magazine's Associate Editor, MI instructor, author and veteran of something like 5000 gigs, Tom Kolb. Freakin' rhythm guitar genius, and lethal lead stylist. His Amazing Phrasing and Modes for Guitar books (Hal Leonard) are a must!
Koonse, Larry On the California Institute of the Arts' faculty, and LA Jazz Quartet member, Larry Koonse is this particular site host's all-time favorite “straight ahead jazz” picker. Flawless chops, backed with taste, depth, and spur-of-the-moment creativity.
Lauderdale, Terry The masterful fretwork of guitarist Terry Lauderdale continues to awe and inspire audiences wherever he performs. Besides his reputation as a professional musician, he is also known as a dynamic performer, who gives it his all for the sake of the show. You can check out Terry's no-holds-barred, blazing playing through his work with the band Acid Tongue, and Hot For Teacher—the San Fransico Bay Area's greatest Van Halen tribute band!
Lee, Stan Site for LA-based punk legends, The Dickies. The band was co-founded by guitar player Stan Lee—one of the funniest people on the planet!
Marshall, Wolf Wolf Marshall's interactive electric guitarland, which teaches players around the world the magic of the guitar—playing, string bending, mind blowing techniques... Features loads of educational tips, courtesy of Wolf Marshall himself.
MONI Site of the supreme guitar freak, Moni, who's now lending his guitar talents and creativity to the band Kidney Thieves.
Nagaoka, Neal Find out all the latest information—latest projects, new music, etc.—on Los Angeles based guitarist, Neal Nagaoka.
Nelson, Paul
Site of pal Paul Nelson's band, Albert Hall. As bitchin' a songwriter as he is a guitar player, Paul's had songs placed in major motion pictures, including The Usual Suspects and Apt Pupil. In the early '90s, in addition to taking the stage together in a couple “Open McMike's” (a patented Paul phrase), he and your web host also enjoyed commiserating over numerous failed blind double dates.
Potenza, Frank Guitarist Frank Potenza is a master of mainstream styles in solo and small group settings, and was a protege of the late Joe Pass. He's also Associate Professor at USC's Studio/Jazz Guitar Department.
Pritchard, David Web site devoted exclusively to the music of guitarist/composer David Pritchard. Download snippets of Pritchard's one-of-a-kind music for multiple acoustic guitars, or read about his touring/recording stints with jazz legends Gary Burton, Freddie Hubbard, and Patrice Rushen, among others.
SLANG A blend of Horror, Humour, Euphoria and Sorrow. Free mp3's available. Oogabooga!
Smith, Richard Richard Smith, the head of the USC Studio/Jazz Guitar Department, is an award-winning artist, professor, sideman, and session player. His site offers a wide variety of interesting ideas and subjects for you to chase. Download music or video, check out online lessons and articles, and keep up with his current touring and masterclass schedules.
Snyder, Ken Guitarist for one of L.A.'s most happening hard-rock outfits, Cut Throat.
Steiger, Ken Official Ken Steiger homepage. Music - Guitars - Lessons, Steiger's KILLZONE, MP3's, music links and lessons. Rock/Metal fans, keep up on the latest guitar techniques and music.
Stetina, Troy Free guitar lessons & advice, music CDs, masterclasses and instructional books by world-renown guitarist and music educator Troy Stetina. Also runs “Artist Underground” recording studio in the Milwaukee area, where he produces other bands as well as his own projects.
Sweda, Mick Site of Mick Sweda—former guitarist for King Kobra, Bullet Boys, and Lolligag. Founder of Monsters Making Music. This former neighbor is also responsible for introducing your site host to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
Tagliarino, Barrett Site of L.A. studio guitarist, Barrett Tagliarino, offers MP3 sample tunes from his new CD, Moe's Art. Barrett has recorded commercial projects for ARCO, Sony, Miller Lite, the Food Channel and MTV. He's also been a staff instructor at Musicians Institute since 1987.
Tap, Aaron “Music that could change your life.” Bostonian buddy Aaron Tap's site/label. Multi-faceted picker, songwriter, veteran gig-meister, and long-time pal.
Trovato, Steve Guitarist Steve Trovato is a world-class multi-stylist, recognized internationally as a premier educator of guitar and its stylistic possibilities. He has countless credits including twelve instructional guitar method books published by Warner Brothers and three instructional videos published by Hal Leonard.
Verheyen, Carl Stay up to date with LA's most in-demand session player, Carl Verheyen, and the Carl Verheyen Band. Site regularly updated with photos, and occasionally Carl's reports from the road. Audio clips and special offers on CDs and other mechandise.
Widegren, Lenny Site of fellow GIT instuctor (and serious slide meister) Lenny Widegren's rockin' band, Elegantly Wasted. In your web host's own words: “These lads (and one lass) might prompt some fans of edgy roots rock to ponder the question: Why bother with Buckcherry when you can slam to the sounds of Elegantly Wasted? And when you can get groovin' without having to suffer through any arguably irresponsible lyric content? Sign me up!” And on their latest disc: “Hook-laden yet unpredictable, edgy but polished, groove heavy with mucho musicality, this latest offering by Elegantly Wasted is a treat for sore ears. Fans of the Black Crowes, vintage Guns 'N Roses, and Buckcherry (among others): Keep tabs on these tunesmiths!”
York, Andrew

Site of guitarist and composer Andrew york—member of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, and recording artist for Sony Records, Delos Records, and GSP Records. The hippest of “hip” fingerstyle composers, York has been featured on the magazine covers of Gendai Guitar in Japan and Classical Guitar in England, and interviews have also appeared in Acoustic Guitar and Guitar Player in the U.S.A.

Description (Style/Specialty)
Juliette Esper An independent “Jazzed-Up” singer from Dublin.. Her vocal presence is one of essence and honesty.She has a live performance that leaves the audience haunted by her cherubic voice. A true professional to the art. (Super groovy website with free mp3, cool pictures and plenty resources for indie artists.) Site also has heaps of indie resources, many links to helpful sites (record companies, promoters, ezines...etc.), and a separate page for independent artists to introduce themselves.
Ferry, Ash Songwriter-musician Ash Ferry (vox, keyboards, bass) specializes in female-driven, eclectic, melodic, alternative pop/rock. (Influences include the Cranberries, Natalie Merchant, Cocteau Twins, The Cure, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, Cowboy Junkies, Jewel, Pretenders, Eagles, Mazzy Star, Sarah McLachlan, and Willie Nelson.) She and her Southern Calilfornia-based band have just unveiled a new CD, Alice is Here. Help support their existence! Oh yeah...Ash is also the founder of the Support the Indies SiteRing. I reckon she rawks!
GIA Well accomplished Romanian-Canadian musican/composer/keyboardist blending rock, jazz, classic and progressive with different sounds from his native Romania, Middle Eastern, Oriental, Indian & Tibetan.
Holdstrom, Dr. Geoffrey The home of Dr. Geoffrey Holdstrom—the voice of the 21st century! Listen to some of Dr. Geoffrey Holdstrom's most enticing tracks, read some rave reviews or send Dr. Geoffrey Holdstrom an email! “Makes one think of evil porn evangelists in outer space...” (from UZINE 01.09 the halfway 2001 issue). In addition to the tasty soundclips on his site, you can hear loads more at his MP3.com page.
Ruschak, Alyssa AWESOME vocalist (and occasional work-out buddy) Alyssa Ruschak has pipes on par with all-star pop/rock divas Alanis Morisette and Gwen Stefani, among other stylistic attributes. On her site, you can download snippets of songs from her recently-issued solo CD, or surf on over to www.NVmusic.net to check out her rock band, NV. Cool stuff!
Tan, Julie Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter (vox, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, percussion). Perhaps you caught her network television debut on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, broadcast 28 March, 2002? (She kicked ass!!!) You owe it to yourself to check out her full-length debut, Storage, which can be “test driven” by surfing over to www.mp3.com/julietan. Julie describes her music as being influenced by Jackson Browne, Lone Justice, Rolling Stones, Springsteen, Tom Petty, and John Cougar Mellencamp. Oh yeah! She and your silly site host attended USC's School of music together! She's also part of the reason Dale's teaching at GIT!
Terry, Mick Site documenting the creative output of multi-instrumentalist Mick Terry. Includes original music, songs, lyrics, and poems, ranging from witty and humorous, to downright touching. Essentially “pop-rock,” with variety. Also includes realistic photos of his BICCI + ONRI model railroad!



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